Uplevel Your Affirmations

Affirmations are wonderful. I love how using affirmations helps to shift your mood or perspective. Affirmations also help to maintain a desired vibration.

Affirmations are a fundamental part of personal growth and spiritual development. But sometimes personal growth can seem like a lot of work.

Do you ever wish someone could do it for you? Or that you could hit the “easy button?” Go ahead, raise your hand. I just did.

I love simple, easy, non- complicated solutions. As the singing group The Eagles said, “Make it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels, drive you crazy.”

morningsunI was pleasantly surprised while working on de-cluttering my emails to find some gems. Instead of deleting old emails, I was opening up folders and checking to see what was there. The slow stroll down memory lane was easier for me than racing to see how many emails I could delete.

And there it was, an old letter with a link to a You Tube video on tapping!

The video by David Childerly – EFT Tapping Video for Abundance is simple, short and easy. Childerly recommends using it 2x’s a day; in the morning and in the evening. You don’t even have to say the words, just tap along.

I really like this short video. It’s a great way to start and end the day. Try it for yourself. http://youtu.be/XQTOC2zo1zE.


Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She has been a healing arts practitioner since 1982. Catherine has the unique ability to draw from different modalities, combining them with her intuitive gifts to offer practical and clear guidance for her clients. Catherine helps her clients clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future.

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