Spiritual Blue Print Study Group

spiritual_bluprintWisdom says that everything you need to know is inside of you and that there are blueprints or systems that contain information about your incarnation this lifetime.

What are your gifts and challenges, what is your purpose, what are your mostly likely behavior patterns, relationship and career issues?
Much information is contained in your astrology natal chart, your Human Design chart and the numerology of your birth date and birth name.

My individual clients have enjoyed having overview of these Blueprints to see the recurring themes and to better understand themselves. After receiving 2-3 individual sessions, many clients go on to continue with self- study. And recently some clients prefer to do self -study first and then have questions answered in individual sessions.

Now you can have the best of both, study with others and myself as I facilitate the group learning.

Study group will meet 2x’s a month for 3 months- total 6 sessions, approximately 75 minutes/call.

You will receive pdfs on the 3 main blueprints, links to free resources, book recommendations, special affirmations, and an opportunity for Q&A.

The Study group limited to 6.

More information coming soon.

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