Inner Vision Guidance Energy Healing Sessions

Inner Vision Guidance Energy Healing Sessions may be for you if…

  • bridge_and_waterfallYou are looking for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.
  • You are ready to access more of your intuition.
  • You are stuck in releasing or moving forward on a situation or relationship, even though you do energy work on yourself.
  • You are having difficulty hearing your own guidance,
  • You want a safe space, support and insight while experiencing a healing breakthrough.

Inner Vision Guidance is a very gentle but powerful process. Using my gifts of intuition, clairvoyance and energy healing modalities, I access your energy field and follow guidance specific for your needs.

In these guided sessions, I lead you to a safe place where we journey with guided imagery; so you can see your inner landscape and hear how your inner self or wise self speaks.

I also facilitate communication with guides such as your spirit guides or angels. After the guided session I share techniques or tools for you to use based on the information received.

Single Session: 
Focusing on one issue – $95, click here to purchase

All calls are recorded and available as an mp3 for you.