Holistic Life Coaching – The Middle Pathway

When we want to make life changes, we often try to make drastic changes or take big jumps. The result? These attempts at change fail or don’t stick.

thoughtful_womanIt is very common to feel overwhelmed, stuck and burnt out. This is especially true when you are in a life transition (at various ages), grieving the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or searching for your life purpose.

From my personal experiences and those of my clients, small changes over time yield vastly better results.

Using principles and techniques from many modalities, I can help you pull these pieces and practices together to create your personal path. I will guide you in developing a plan that enhances and empowers your life.

  • Are you ready to transform your life and have more peace and joy?
  • Do you want actionable steps and new tools to move beyond your repetitive patterns and fears?
  • Do you learn best when you “talk things out” to gain a new perspective or insight, in addition to self -reflection?
  • Can you imagine being more in alignment with your full potential when you are supported in a safe space where you are seen and heard without judgement?

shining_lightI would love to help you.

It is my passion to assist you in shining your light.

I have over 30 years of teaching and mentoring experience and a background with lots of modalities.

Topics we can cover:

Psychology and philosophy – reframing, shifting mindsets, using affirmations, creating anchors, self -talk,

Using Metaphysical tools – visualization, personal imagery, dreams, mysticism, energy tools, Law of Attraction, vision boards

Organization- Productivity and Time Management – Are you working with your personal rhythms or against yourself?

Project Management – getting from here to there. What’s your style and what method works best for different projects you are considering?

Health – using natural remedies such as foods, herbs and homeopathy

We can go in whatever direction that helps you…

Single session, $75, click here to purchase

All sessions are recorded and available as an mp3 for you.

If you are very interested in coaching with me and have a few questions that you would like to ask, email me: catherine@catherinerosestevens.com

I will review your questions and then set up a complimentary 30 minute call about your plans.