Energy Scan – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an Energy Scan a psychic reading or a healing session?

No, an Energy Scan is an intuitive reading of your body and your energy field. Each intuitive will tune in and receive information according to the gifts that they have and what they discern from your field.My specialty is tuning in to the chakra system where the emotions and thought patterns are stored.

2. Can my chakras be cleared during an Energy Scan?

Your chakras are always flowing with energy, they may be constricted and you may feel, anxious, afraid, guilty or confused. Many people feel their energy flow more freely during and after the Energy Scan as they gain clarity, insight or new perspectives.

3. Will I find out my life purpose in an Energy Scan?

Your higher self knows your purpose for incarnating this lifetime. Your higher self directs the unfolding of your life purpose.

During the Energy Scan, I connect with your higher self and source to share with you areas of constriction and opportunities for growth that are available at this time.

4. How do blocks in my chakras show up in my life?

Blocks can show up as constrictions in your chakra. Here are some examples of what blocks look like in your life:

Crown chakra – unable to meditate, not feeling connected to source, overwhelmed with ideas, confused or scattered.

    • 3rd eye – have difficulty connecting with your intuition or don’t trust your intuition
    • Throat – unable to express your vision, unable to express yourself with other people
    • Heart – wanting to protect and guard self from being hurt
    • Solar plexus– trouble setting boundaries, take on other peoples energies, problems in the reproductive area
    • Root – not experiencing joy in life – feeling ungrounded, abandoned or pressure to get things done.

5. I already do energy work, how will an energy scan help me?

Just as you cannot see your own face unless you look into a mirror, it can be difficult to see your own self clearly.

My gift is reflecting what I see and hear as your challenges and opportunities for growth and express that which you are unable to express for yourself.

6. What is the goal of the Energy Scan?

My goal for your Energy Scan is to help you get clear on your situation and issues so that you can take the next step in your transformation.This snapshot in time of your Energy System reveals your predominant habits of thought and behavior presented as challenges and opportunities for growth.

At the end of your Energy Scan, I will make recommendations that I feel are in your best interests. I might recommend a book, articles, websites, areas of further study, and it might include the opportunity of working with me.

“Catherine’s energy scan was a tremendous blessing and a great support to my ideas and impressions about my path. She holds a wonderful place for making discoveries about true gifts, strengths, and even about the ways you process information. Where I once felt blocked I now experience more clarity and ease, and feel confident I can reach my highest potential.”

Carolyn, CA

7. How do I get started with an Energy Scan?

If you are ready to take the next step, CLICK HERE

After you have completed payment, you will be directed to my TimeTrade link to book a session.

Please be in a quiet space and allow 30 minutes for the Energy Scan.

NOTE: All scans are done by telephone. You will receive the call in number to my conference line when you book your session.