Energy Scan Session

Are You READY for Clarity?

~ Find out How an Energy Scan can help You ~

  • Do you have difficulty trusting your intuition?
  • Are you struggling to express your dreams or vision?
  • Do you wish to experience more fulfillment in your relationships?
  • Not sure where to start to make changes in your life?


Catherine-red_blouseHi, I’m Catherine Rose Stevens.

I am an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. I have focused my intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience to help myself and others in many ways.

For the last 3 years, I have developed Energy Scans as the first step to help my clients understand their blocks, gifts and strengths and how to use them to create a life that is in alignment with their authentic self.


What is an Energy Scan?

An Energy Scan is an intuitive reading of your body and your energy field.

You are a spiritual being in a physical body. At your essence you are pure energy. You are a vibrational being. Your vibration or frequency is continually broadcast out into the world. It is important to know how your energy is flowing and how to manage your energy.

Each cell of your body holds imprints of past and current thought patterns and emotions. These thoughts and emotions can create dis-harmony and dis-ease in your body mind spirit.

What this might look like for you:

  • Emotional overwhelm or anxiety
  • Feeling disconnected from spirit
  • Dissatisfied with relationships
  • Seeking purpose in your life

What Happens During an Energy Scan?

During an Energy Scan, I will read your body’s message through your energy field. I will share the images I receive that represent your thought patterns and emotions.

Sometimes you may be aware of these thought patterns and emotions and other times they may be hidden from your consciousness.

“I found the energy scan helped me know about my body. It was a great way to find out beliefs that were not serving me.”

~ Gill Webster, United Kingdom

“The energy scan was a good way to get in touch with important guidance.”

~ Moira Hutchinson, Canada

I already do energy work, how will an energy scan help me?

Just as you cannot see your own face unless you look into a mirror, it can be difficult to see your own self clearly.

My gift is reflecting what I see and hear as your challenges and opportunities for growth and express that which you are unable to express for yourself.

“It was amazing to find out what could be holding you back. It was very participatory. We were finding solutions together.”

~ Mandy Deakin Snell, United Kingdom

How Can an Energy Scan Help You?

An Energy Scan is not a healing session, although many people feel relief and a surge of energy after a scan. An Energy Scan is not a psychic reading, but an opportunity to see what may be hidden from your view.

Information from the Energy Scan is like a roadmap
that provides direction for healing and transformation.

“The energy scan was AMAZING.
Catherine Rose is a wonderfully gentle and compassionate healer whom I find that I trust easily.”

~Mary Brigitte, MA

Once you recognize your hidden beliefs,
emotions and thought patterns
You can choose to move forward in your life.

“Catherine’s energy scan was a tremendous blessing and a great support to my ideas and impressions about my path. She holds a wonderful place for making discoveries about true gifts, strengths, and even about the ways you process information. Where I once felt blocked I now experience more clarity and ease, and feel confident I can reach my highest potential.”

~Carolyn, CA

What is the goal of the Energy Scan?

My goal of your Energy Scan is to help you get clear on your situation and issues so that you can take the next step in your transformation. This snapshot in time of your Energy System reveals your predominant habits of thought and behavior presented as challenges and opportunities for growth.

At the end of your Energy Scan, I will make recommendations that I feel are in your best interests. I might recommend a book, articles, websites, areas of further study, and it might include the opportunity of working with me.

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Ho do I get started with an Energy Scan?

If you are ready to take the next step, you can receive your Energy scan at my special rate of $75 CLICK HERE

After payment you will be directed to my TimeTrade account to book your appointment. If you are not taken to this appointment scheduling page, please contact me.

Please be in a quiet space and allow 30 minutes for the Energy Scan.

NOTE: All scans are done by telephone. You will receive the call in number to my conference line when you book your session. (Skype is available for international callers.)

I look forward to connecting with you.


Catherine Rose Stevens, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach

Catherine is passionate about helping people identify and express their true essence so that they can clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future. She follows her inner guidance to create individualized sessions.