New Years House Blessing

We often read about decluttering our homes, keeping only those things that we truly love, and stylishly organizing the rest.

 It is wonderful to clear out clutter.  I have just done some major decluttering. But, sometimes I think that we only view our homes from lack or deficits.

Many cultures start the New Year by vigorously cleaning all parts of the home and offer a prayer of welcome to the energies of the new year.

This year I have decided to be appreciative of everything in my home. I take an index card and write down what I am grateful for in each room.

For example: In my bathroom, I appreciate the color of the walls that are soothing, the beauty of the shower curtain that I picked out, the wall calendar that was a gift from a friend, the lacquer tray that holds cleansers neatly on the sink, the bathroom cabinet with drawers and compartments to hold all necessities, the design of my favorite towels, the large mirror that reflects the light, the electric bulbs that illuminate the room, the indoor toilet, the shower with its abundant supply of on demand hot water.  The entire bathroom dedicated to my body’s needs and functions. I then tape this index card to the wall or mirror to leave up for a few days.   (Tip –use  blue painters tape, it will not remove paint from the wall).

I really love my bathroom for all the above reasons, plus it is the quickest room to clean and put back into place. The living room on the other hand is often the most difficult room for me. It is a pass through from the entry way into the kitchen and dining area.  This room is not closed off and holds multiple functions, the ceiling light fan needs repair, and it is not all decorated like HGTV shows.

Still as I take a deep breath, what I most love about my living room is its flexibility and an opportunity for creative expression.  I have redecorated my living room several times in my mind with visions of wall units from IKEA and custom designed furniture and drapes. I love that I can rearrange the furniture from one place to another or have a circle of chairs for friends, or set up workspaces for making vision boards or other projects.  I love watching weather on the tv and playing music while I am cooking or cleaning.  I love the large double windows that let in the light all day long.

I appreciate all the chairs and cushions that we use.  I am grateful for the big gold chair that my husband sits in to read the paper and chat with me.  I am grateful for the recliner that I rest in and relax while watching movies.  I appreciate the office chair on wheels that sits next to my recliner where I can pet my sleeping cat. I appreciate the cushions on the floor (that I kept from the worn out loveseat) where my cats like to sleep next to my husband and I.  Right now my living room floor is the playroom for our baby kitten Stella. I love watching her pounce on the sheet or under the chair after her toy mice until she exhausts herself.

After all the rooms are finished, I take an index card and write down a dedication to be put near the front door.  You can write a simple dedication, such as “I dedicate this house to love and well being of all who dwell here or visit.” Or you may find a prayer or poem that you like. You can put the card under a stone and add a plant or shells or any symbols of abundance that you like. You may also hang a small picture on the wall. Lastly, sweep the front entry way inside and out to welcome the new energies into your home.  This house blessing can be done at any time but is especially effective in the month of January.

What ideas do you have for a New Year’s house blessing?

Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She has been a healing arts practitioner since 1982. Catherine has the unique ability to draw from different modalities, combining them with her intuitive gifts to offer practical and clear guidance for her clients. Catherine helps her clients clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future.

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