March Madness and March Inspiration

I have had a difficult time writing this ezine. My head was saying, “stick to your every two week schedule,” but my body was saying, “slow down.” Business coaches newsletters exhorted, “A quarter of the year is gone, have you met your goals?” Why did I allow this question to bounce around in my head? Usually I focus on my feelings and set intentions for creating inspiring and nurturing experiences and relationships in my business, as well as my life.

I am in the midst of learning new techniques for processing emotions, through a group class and a self study program. I am searching out different natural foods and supplements with my cat Sydney Rose, to help her heal. My to-do list was growing and prioritizing was becoming difficult. Then, I was inspired by the month of March.

March is the month of Spring. Spring is the time of new birth, renewal, and starting over. Every thing has its own season. I decided to relax into the unknown and allow everything in my life to reveal itself to me with its own pattern and timing.

March is Women’s History month and March 8th was International Women’s Day. I would like to share with you a poem and two articles that reminded me of being true to your authentic self.

The poem that follows by Barbara J. Burrow is on a plaque that I bought for myself to inspire me after my divorce, decades ago. It still inspires me today.

March is Women’s History month – Here is a fascinating story of Nelly Bly, investigative journalist, click here to view it.

And lastly, a very inspiring article for International Women’s Day;
Women, Belong To Yourself, First By Ek Ong Kaur Khalsa.

May you find inspiration everywhere!

Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She has been a healing arts practitioner since 1982. Catherine has the unique ability to draw from different modalities, combining them with her intuitive gifts to offer practical and clear guidance for her clients. Catherine helps her clients clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future.

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