Kind Words

Here are some kind words from my clients:

Within 48 hours my energy had shifted!

“I recently experienced a situation where I was feeling stuck, bogged down and overwhelmed. I could not move the energy myself, I needed an experienced and skilled healer to help.”

“During our one phone session, Catherine discovered the past and present life reasons that created the block and was able to guide and help me in releasing the stuck energy, giving me an almost immediate feeling of relief. Within 48 hours, events in my life definitely reflected a healing had occurred, new energies came in and I was able to move forward in an area that had not had much positive movement in the past.”

“Catherine is a compassionate and accomplished healer, and was able to tailor her myriad healing skills to fit exactly what was best for me and my path. If you are ready to release the past and move forward with your life, I highly recommend Catherine!”

Janet Roper

I found joy again! I am filled with love and life and dreams.

“I barely remember what I was like before I started the Inner Vision Guidance Sessions with Catherine Rose Stevens. I contacted her because I was desperate not to sink into depression again.”

“The visual guidance process started moving blocked energy although I was in the dark. The second session brought up an acknowledgement that had me crying. I was vulnerable and she gently coached me step by step and my strength grew daily. I was given so many insights and gifts through her help and coaching. I started seeing more and more for myself through her insightful process.
I have found joy again, I laugh now, a lot. I am filled with love and life and dreams and wonderment. Now I am happy to be alive when I just wanted to lay down and die so many times. It’s a choice, not just to sink or swim, I chose to flow with the current but I needed to learn how to connect with It.”

“Try. Do the work. Catherine makes it safe to look and examine your life. This process is a great step in life’s journey and I will always be thankful and grateful that the Divine connected me with Catherine Rose Stevens.”

Lonni Munson, stained glass artist, California

Life is less stressful now!

“Catherine, I just wanted to let you know that I am using the meditations and other tools you have given me and asking the angels for help when that feels appropriate. Life feels less stressful now. I am now able to take the time to meditate, journal, and focus on my inner self. Thank you for helping me along my path to healing!”

Laura Davies, Seattle ,WA

I felt safe, comfortable and loved!

Dear Catherine,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session.

As the session progressed, I was amazed at how “in the moment” and absolutely aware I became of the chakra scanning and how “right” the information was.

I felt the energies of Arch Angels Michael and Raphael and a group of angels and guardians surround me with such love and compassion. It was a totally “safe” and comforting sensation and made me feel very relaxed and open. I was able to completely “let go and let God”. It was wonderful!!! I loved the journey to meet one of my guides. I felt so much love and that if I had reached out, would have been able to touch this wonderful, wise entity.
I have a deep gratitude for the experience you allowed me to have and such comfort in the knowing, true, heart knowing, all is right and all is well.

In Light and Love,
Mari Ireina

A year ago I was miserable.
Now I consistently feel better and have more energy!

“For more than a year, I was consistently having terrible headaches and accompanying stomachaches that were relieved only by vomiting. This was happening every 3-4 weeks, so I was tired and MISERABLE.

After seeing a conventional doctor who ruled out anything serious, yet had very little to offer in terms of lifestyle changes, I started working with Catherine.

She immediately gave me concrete, easy-to-do dietary changes. Within the first month of our work together, no more vomiting! After a few months, no more headaches!

Our work has progressed steadily and gradually. Each month, she responds to my most recent experience and tweaks what I’m taking for supplements. She also helps me go inward, with different energy techniques, to really explore and experience my health from the inside out.

I’ve consistently felt better AND had more energy than ever. And that is especially critical this year, because my business is growing faster than ever and I’ve turned 51. So I REALLY need that extra energy in my work and my daily life.

Catherine’s non-judgmental nature and flexible approach to healing – she has a TON of tools! – make our sessions fun and enjoyable. She’s a fount of wisdom and she’s fun to work with.”

Marcy Stahl
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