I Disagree with the Guru

This past month while I was reviewing my beliefs, my actions and patterns, all great things to do during Mercury retrograde, I noticed several blog posts about disagreeing with the guru or thought leader.  

One blog was about disagreeing with the Dalai Lama’s statement that the world will be saved by the Western women. Jacob Nordby believes that the world will be best served by males and females turned on and in their full power. (1)

“If we want to bring peace, we must stop making polarizing statements and choices. Now is the time for an integrated humanity to emerge, which will inevitably bring forth peace.”


I usually don’t bother to disagree with someone, but I did have a reaction to author, guru, Danielle LaPorte.

La Porte believes that affirmations can mess you up. (2)

“Affirmations have become a tool for fear management rather than the more productive process of fear analysis”

La Porte writes, “I came of age in the New Age of the ’90s. I had affirmation cards before I had business cards. And I tried to love affirmations — really, I did.” She felt like a fake.

I came of age in the New Age of the 80’s. In my experience:

“Affirmations were a miracle, a breath of fresh air. Affirmations that countered years of cultural negativity were very welcome and empowering. Creating and using affirmations allows you to take an active part in creating your life. I firmly believe in the power of your words.”

I believe that using your voice is very powerful. When you take the time to speak your words, you take your thoughts out of your mind. Your words become tangible, real vibrations. You can hear the sounds you speak, you can feel the vibration in your body.

peacefulAs you hear and feel your affirmations, you can process your feelings and thoughts.

Ex. I am calm. (well, not really, you might say)

What is your intention? I want to be calm in most situations. That feels and sounds better, but I want to is not in the present.

Then you might say, It is my intention to be respond calmly. I am calm in this moment. I choose how I respond.

You can use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to work with resistance to any statements. You might even try Byron Katie’s questions to assist you in shifting.

Go gently, explore, and try out affirmations. They will change as you change.

You may also enjoy reading the following:

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Your Word is Your Wand by Florence Scovel Shinn.

How have you used affirmations? What is your experience?

Post your thoughts in my blog below.

If you’d like to read more, here are the links to the full articles above.

  1. http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/dalai-lama-wrong-about-women-jnord/
  2. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/danielle-laporte/affirmations_b_2180948.html
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