Create Your Day – My Gift to You

Create Your Day by Catherine Rose Stevens

Create_your_day2Do You Desire to Nurture Yourself with a Daily Spiritual Practice, but:

  • You have trouble focusing
  • You get easily distracted
  • You barely have time for yourself
  • You don’t have lots of time for spiritual study

Yet, you truly desire to connect with your inner self.

You are ready to access peace and power from within.

“How do you start to cultivate a daily spiritual practice that nurtures you and eventually a new way of living?”

I would like to share with you my Create Your Day framework. I developed this framework over 15 years ago when I was working a very structured and stressful job. I eventually left that job. However, I found that being a solo entrepreneur has its own challenges.

I tweaked the framework as my needs changed. I have shared this framework with my private clients. I am excited to share the Create Your Day package with you.

Create Your Day Components

  • A 4 page e-book describing the framework with examples
  • A visual worksheet reminder of the framework
  • A printer friendly worksheet to track your activities
  • A short audio – Guided Visualization of Your Day

This audio is an example of setting your intentions for your day. Feel free to create and record your own audio to meet your specific needs.

As a bonus, you will also receive a subscription to my ezine, Your Healing Pathways, filled with tips and resources for living a spirit filled life.

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I hope you enjoy the Create Your Day package. I invite you to visit my website and check out my services and articles.
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Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She utilizes her intuitive gifts to read energy in a person’s body and energy field to identify thought patterns and emotions that restrict the flow of divine energy in individuals.

Catherine is passionate about helping clients identify and express their true essence so that they can clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future. She follows her inner guidance to create individualized sessions.