Create Time to Listen to Your Inner Self

Decide on a time that you will regularly commit to that you will be in communication with your inner self.  Most people find that the morning works best. It can be when you first get up, or after your shower.

What to do during this time? I suggest that you write your thoughts or responses when communicating with your inner guidance.  Before you write, breathe deeply, three times is sufficient. Set the intention that you are willing to communicate with your inner self and are open to receiving guidance.

Then ask for a word or sentence for the day.  Trust what you get and write it down. After several days you will find that you receive more information and there may even be a pattern to the messages.

One last thought, you may find that the best time for you to communicate with your inner self is after the kids have left for school or before you begin your work day. Often arriving early to work, closing your door and writing will be your best time for inner communication. There’s something about knowing that there is a limited time when you will be undisturbed that focuses your receiving ability.

Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She has been a healing arts practitioner since 1982. Catherine has the unique ability to draw from different modalities, combining them with her intuitive gifts to offer practical and clear guidance for her clients. Catherine helps her clients clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future.

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