Blessings of the Season

What is a blessing?

Poet John O’Donohoe says:

blessing-light_in_handsWhat is a blessing? A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen. Life is a constant flow of emergence. The beauty of blessing is its belief that it can affect what unfolds. To be in the world is to be distant from the homeland of wholeness. We are confined by limitation and difficulty. When we bless we are enabled somehow to go beyond our present frontiers and reach into the source. A blessing awakens future wholeness… To invoke a blessing is to call some of that wholeness upon a person now.

My wishes for you this holiday season:
May you be blessed with Wisdom’s Light,
May you be blessed with Peace and Comfort,
May you be blessed with Insights, Connection and Inner Joy
May you be blessed with Quiet time and Spaces for Self Nurturing.

The holiday season falls in winter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. I find that I enjoy winter’s quiet season.

Peace and blessings,

Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She has been a healing arts practitioner since 1982. Catherine has the unique ability to draw from different modalities, combining them with her intuitive gifts to offer practical and clear guidance for her clients. Catherine helps her clients clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future.

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