Are You Putting Yourself Last?

Nancy felt shaky as she walked down the hall at her workplace. She had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Maybe I should have eaten breakfast this morning,” she thought. “And I fell asleep last night without calling mom again.” But at least, I am prepared for my presentation today.” Beads of sweat trickled down her chest as she reached forward for her notes. She shrieked in pain as she slid to the floor. “Oh no, not again!”

frazzledDo you feel anxious like Nancy? Are you squeezed between family obligations and job pressures?

Would you like to break the cycle of stress? You might not be in the same place in the stress cycle as Nancy. But you may want to feel more peaceful, less emotional and less reactive to life situations.

~It is impossible to create a solution to a problem

at the same level it was created~ Albert Einstein

           You can set the intention to put yourself first. You can create sacred space for yourself. Guided meditations can be very helpful in starting a daily practice. Download my free guided – White Light Meditation by signing up in the box at the top right of this page.

Catherine is an intuitive consultant, energy healer and spiritual coach. She has been a healing arts practitioner since 1982. Catherine has the unique ability to draw from different modalities, combining them with her intuitive gifts to offer practical and clear guidance for her clients. Catherine helps her clients clear their past, center in the present and take the next steps to create their future.

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